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super mario bros 2 super mario wiki the mario encyclopedia - super mario bros 2 known as super mario usa in japan is outside japan the second game in the super mario series it is a 2d platforming game originally released for the nintendo entertainment system in the years that followed it has been ported to many other systems including a release on the virtual console for the wii nintendo 3ds and wii u, super mario bros super mario wiki the mario encyclopedia - super mario bros is a video game released for the family computer and nintendo entertainment system in 1985 it shifted the gameplay away from its single screen arcade predecessor mario bros and instead featured side scrolling platformer levels while not the first game of the mario franchise super mario bros is the most iconic and introduced various series staples from power ups to, mario instruction booklets download mario game manuals - 2006 2019 mariomayhem com we are in no way affiliated with nintendo nintendo of america or any other mentioned companies super mario bros character names and all mario sprites are copyrights of nintendo co ltd, amy rose sonic news network fandom powered by wikia - amy rose em r zu also formerly known as rosy the rascal r j za rasukaru is a fictional character from the sonic the hedgehog series she is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with a major crush on sonic the hedgehog since meeting sonic on little planet amy has become his